Africa Embraces Bitcoin: 3,000 People Using Crypto Despite No Internet Access

• Roughly 3,000 people in Africa have adopted bitcoin, even though many don’t have access to the internet.
• Kgothatso Ngako created a tool called Machankura which allows African users to use bitcoin through their feature phones and without needing internet access.
• Jack Dorsey has also made it his mission to bring bitcoin closer to Africa by educating them about its capabilities.

Africa Becoming Major Bitcoin Hub

Roughly 3,000 people in Africa have adopted bitcoin in recent weeks and months, despite the fact that many of these people don’t have access to the internet – which is normally required for using crypto wallets and exchanges.

Machankura Tool Enables Bitcoin Usage

Software developer Kgothatso Ngako has created a tool called Machankura specifically for this purpose, enabling African users to use cryptocurrency through their feature phones without needing any kind of internet connection. This means that Africa could become a major haven for bitcoin trading even without having access to modern technology and the World Wide Web.

Jack Dorsey’s Mission

Notably, entrepreneur Jack Dorsey had planned on traveling throughout Africa on a “bitcoin tour” prior to the pandemic with the intention of educating locals about its potential benefits and applications. His goal was to help those living in African countries who are either underbanked or lack any form of traditional banking services gain access and understanding of cryptocurrency.

How Does It All Work?

The way Machankura works is quite simple; all users need is their featured phone as they dial in specific codes depending on their location, giving them complete control over their funds via payment technology regardless of whether or not they can connect online.


Overall, it’s clear that Africa is becoming a major hub for cryptocurrency usage with tools like Machankura allowing those who may otherwise be unable or unwilling to use typical financial services full access and power over their own funds via digital currency like Bitcoin – something which could help combat corruption as well as provide new opportunities for financial growth throughout the continent.