Crypto Sector Under Pressure: US Government Takes Action to Clamp Down


• Cryptocurrency leaders believed 2023 would mark a new beginning, only to be met with tough government crackdowns.
• State and federal regulators have applied significant pressure to two prominent cryptocurrency firms, including the SEC filing enforcement actions.
• Regulators are acting in response to market volatility that led to investor losses of billions of dollars last year.

Government Crackdown

Cryptocurrency leaders had hoped for a new beginning in 2023, but instead they were met with government clampdowns on the crypto sector. Federal banking officials released policy statements that make it more difficult for crypto companies to operate within the mainstream financial system. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) also imposed fines and other penalties against crypto lending organizations. State and federal regulators have recently increased their pressure on two notable cryptocurrency firms, including the popular exchange where users can buy and sell digital coins. The SEC has taken three enforcement actions in less than a week, penalizing a cryptocurrency promoter and filing a lawsuit against a startup which produced digital coins after announcing a deal with the exchange.

Reason for Action

Regulators are responding to market volatility that caused well-known crypto business bankruptcies last year resulting in investors losing billions of dollars. Kristin Smith from the Blockchain Association called this period “The crypto carpet bombing” due to how quickly Washington is addressing any threats posed by cryptocurrencies, an innovative technology that allows for new types of financial speculation. Sam Bankman-Fried was accused of engineering fraud after his FTX Crypto Exchange disappeared overnight in November of last year; this increased pressure on regulators significantly leading them take action immediately.

Criticism Aimed at Regulators

Regulators have been receiving criticism due to their lack of understanding regarding the expanding multi-trillion dollar industry over recent years until now when they are enforcing strict regulations upon it – something which should have been done earlier as argued by many critics in order to avoid such high losses experienced by investors last year as mentioned above.


Overall, this month has seen Washington take big steps towards clamping down on the crypto sector; there will undoubtedly be more legal fighting over this issue in upcoming months or even years, but one thing is certain: regulatory action against these cryptocurrency businesses won’t be slowing down anytime soon, so those involved need to prepare themselves accordingly if they want survive through it all unscathed!