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• is a leading crypto exchange in Europe that just announced plans to enhance its security protocols.
• The company will be implementing multi-factor authentication, cold storage, and advanced crypto algorithms for additional protection.
• They are also introducing a new trading protocol designed to limit opportunities for price manipulation and improve the speed of trades. Seeks Enhanced Security, a leading digital currency trading platform on the European continent, just announced that it’s going to be enhancing its security and protection methods tenfold. The protection of individual customer information has become increasingly important after the collapse of FTX in November, where its reputation as a leading trading platform transformed into one of filth and criminality due to fraud and illicit attacks on the exchange itself.

Security Tools Used by Eurexcoin

John Smith – the CEO of – explained in a statement: We understand that security is a top concern for our customers, and we take this responsibility very seriously. We have invested heavily in our security infrastructure to ensure that our customers can trade with peace of mind. The company will be utilizing multi-factor authentication, cold storage, and advanced crypto algorithms as tools to ensure their customers remain safe from any potential attack or compromise. In addition, will also regularly engage in security audits to ensure its systems are never subjected to any loopholes or vulnerabilities.

New Trading Protocol

Furthermore, the enterprise is implementing a new innovative trading protocol designed to boost the speed of trades and limit opportunities for price manipulation down the line. The new protocol has been developed after extensive research and development conducted by Eurexcoin’s team members; they are confident it will be able to make a big impact on how cryptocurrency industry operates overall.

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With these protocols now implemented by Eurexcoin’s team members, they hope that their customers can now rest assured knowing their information is secure while they go about their trades on the platform without worry or fear of malicious activities occurring behind their backs without them even knowing about it beforehand!